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The Fish

Etang Rouge has a very healthy stock of hard fighting and stunning looking common and mirror carp, which have all been hand selected from France’s leading fish farmers.

Unlike many other fisheries, Etang Rouge have been mindful to develop the stock based on steady, continued growth from High Nutritional Value feeds which is the same pellet, particle and boilie bait anglers use in pursuit of landing these fantastic fish. This allows for healthy, strong and beautiful looking carp and not the bloated, balloon shaped fish seen at other fisheries who overfeed their fish for unnatural weight gain which leads to ongoing health problems and disease.

Etang Rouge’s stock consists of both mirrors and commons with a mix of linear and fully scaled fish and some cracking gold, silver and dark looking commons. Etang Rouge’s lake record currently stands at 65lb which is the big common ‘Boris’ along with some hard fighting fish in their 50’s, 40’s, 30’s and 20’s.  Whichever one of the lakes residents happen to grace an angler’s net, you can be assured of one hell of a fight!

​Etang Rouge also has two resident Wells catfish 40lb and 25lb, who along with a head of pike are all important members of Etang Rouge’s Pest Control crew, keeping the newly spawned carp numbers down, which in turn allows the main stock of fish to continue to grow each year. Importantly, this also ensures anglers are not “pestered” by smaller carp, which are removed in the winter for their continued growth for future years.

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