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Lake Rules

  • Anglers should not arrive before 2:30pm on day of arrival and are required to leave the fishery by 10am on the day of departure. St- Yrieix-la-Perche has a number of supermarkets to chose from with a large Casino Hypermarket as you enter the town on the road from Limoges and Intermarche as you leave the town towards the village of Glandon, which has a Tabac for any smokers and is en-route to the fishery
  • No drugs, alcohol in moderation
  • All glass bottles, jars, cans, tins and plastic to be deposited in the recycling bins next to the Anglers Rest
  • No litter, this includes cigarette butts. Smokers should ask for a tin which will be provided for cigarette buts and these should be emptied in the general waste bin at the Anglers Rest on the morning of departure
  • No fires whatsoever
  • No using the banks or surrounding land as a toilet – the Anglers Rest facilities include a modern toilet and hot shower and anyone found not using the toilet facilities will be banned from the fishery with immediate effect and forfeit their stay without refund
  • Anglers will be provided with secure car parking next to the Anglers Rest or the Lodge and are requested to close the gates should they leave the fishery at any time during their stay. Cars are not permitted anywhere on the fishery other than the car parking area and anglers tackle and equipment will be transported to and from their swim by the fishery management on arrival and departure
  • Please keep the facilities clean and as you found them on arrival; this includes the kitchen, shower, toilet and Anglers Rest which provides washing up liquid, shower gel and soap
  • Please respect our neighbours, albeit we don’t have many considering Etang Rouge’s secluded location and drive slowly down the lane to the fishery
  • No dogs – other Etang Rouge residents include horses and dogs
  • All visitors must have and be in possession of valid medical/travel insurance for the duration of their stay.
  • MAXIMUM of three rods per angler.
  • Landing nets, weigh slings, weigh tripods and unhooking cradles will be provided by the fishery for anglers use. Any damage or breakage of fishery equipment due to misuse will be chargeable.  Any anglers subsequently found not using the equipment provided by the fishery will be asked to leave the fishery immediately and without refund as the safety and care of our fish is of the utmost importance.
  • No rods to be left unattended and rods to be wound in should anglers have the need to leave the swim for any reason whatsoever.  The confines of each swim be explained upon arrival to avoid any uncertainty.
  • Safe and sensible rigs to be used – each angler will be checked during your stay for compliance so if in doubt, please ask! The opinion of the Fishery on safe and sensible rigs is final and non-negotiable.
  • Barbed or Microbarbed hooks ONLY, no barbless.
  • Minimum breaking strain main line 18lb, mono only no braid.
  • No braided shock/snag leaders or lead core – we recommend and sell the PB Products Hit & Run leader which is snag safe.
  • No fixed lead rigs of any kind to be used.
  • Carp care antiseptic must be used and will be supplied by the Fishery.
  • All bait to be supplied by the Fishery which includes boilies, pellets and particles which the Fishery have brought the carp up with and know to be of nutritional value as well as being safe for the fish and their wellbeing. Anyone found using bait not brought from the fishery will be banned and asked to leave with immediate effect.
  • The Fishery boat is not for anglers use.
  • Stalking with one rod is permitted if this does not interfere with other anglers and the remaining rods in your swim are wound in.
  • No sacking of fish. You may keep fish in a retainer for a MAXIMUM of TEN minutes to prepare weighing and camera equipment and the Fishery should be notified of all captures of any fish over 40lb for the purpose of recording, whatever time of the day or night.
  • All weighing and photography must be done within the confines of the swim.  Anglers must be low to the ground (NO STANDING UP WHEN HOLDING FISH!) when weighing and photographing fish and anyone found to not comply with this important rule will be banned from the Fishery with immediate effect.
  • Upon capture and whilst still in landing net any carp that is considered to be potentially 40lb + should not only be reported immediately to the fishery but must be photographed and released in the water.  The fishery will provide waders to anglers who do not have their own.  Any angler who does not comply with this rule will be asked to leave the fishery immediately as this rule is in place for the welfare and wellbeing of the fish.
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