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By December 16, 2023No Comments

Following the 2023 winter netting for the removal of unwanted silver fish and pike, by Andrew, Ben and Matt at AE Fisheries, it was also great to see the excellent continued growth of our fantastic stock of carp. In order to do everything possible to continue the expected growth rate of the carp, a new rule will be in place for 2024 season onwards that requires all our anglers to weigh, photograph and return any carp weighing 40lbs or more in the water at their swim. As has always been the case, any capture of carp potentially weighing 40lb plus should be notified to the fishery immediately upon capture at anytime, day or night. Waders will be provided by the fishery for this purpose.

During periods of hot and dry weather, the fishery will also instruct visiting anglers upon their arrival that this rule may be applied to the capture of any carp during their visit, for the wellbeing of the fish.

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